Southern Connecticut Open Competition

Welcome to the Official Site of the 34th Annual Southern Connecticut Open Figure Skating Competition
The 2018 Southern CT Open Figure Skating Competition
FREE SKATE EVENTS - April 20, 21 and 22, 2018    at The Darien Ice House 06820
55 Old King's Highway North, Darien, CT 06820
DANCE EVENTS - April 21, 2018    at The SONO ICE HOUSE
300 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854
* Southern Connecticut Open has been selected to be a participating competition in the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Solo Dance Series *

*** 2018 Southern CT Open Final Results are Posted ! - Located Under The Column "Forms, Schedules and Results" ***

Southern Connecticut Open - President's Message:
Thank You for attending the 34th annual Southern CT Open. The Skating Club of Southern Connecticut is proud that our competition had been selected to participate in the 2018 National Solo Dance Series. Due to the overwhelming success of the National Solo Dance Series and a 45% increase in entries over last year as well as the continued growth of our IJS and 6.0 events, our competition has expanded to a second rink. We are grateful to SoNo Ice House in South Norwalk for hosting so many of our dance events While we continue to run our IJS, 6.0 and dance events at Darien Ice House. Our thanks to the management at both rinks, and a heartfelt gratitude to Karen Greenwald at Darien and Dale DeRosa at SoNo for the help and support they have provided us.

This year we honor Leo Cote who has recently been recognized by U.S. Figure Skating for reaching a milestone of 35 years since being appointed as a Judge. Leo has devoted a lifetime of talent and expertise to the sport of figure skating and has judged at the Southern CT Open since its inception! We value his kindness, his fair judging and his great sense of humor, and we thank him from the bottom our hearts for his contribution to the success of this event as well as our test sessions and Learn-to-Skate competitions.

Guiding the event for the fourth year is our intrepid Chief Referee, Diane Wisner. Diane combines unparalleled cheerfulness and the use of a secret magic wand to keep this event running smoothly. We also welcome our dear fried Jim Chen, as Chief Music Coordinator. I am sure you are all familiar with Jim's tenacity in tracking down every piece of skating music! This year we welcome Amy Fairfield as Chief Accountant and we can affirm that in preparation for the event Amy's help has been invaluable.

We are also pleased to welcome back our dear friend Carolyn Pierce. Years ago, When our club began running this event, Carolyn was the first person we reached out to for help. Her sound advice, the offer of a helping hand and a friendly voice will never be forgotten. Carolyn has been recognized by U.S. Figure Skating for celebrating 35 years since her initial appointment as a figure skating judge.

There are almost fifty judges and officials from U.S. Figure Skating volunteering at this competition. Among them are Richie Van Vliet, celebrating 50 years, and Viki Merten, celebrating 35 years, as U.S. Figure Skating judges, and Michael Wolek who has served 35 years as a competition accountant . As you can see, it takes a dedicated group of judges, music coordinators, announcers, technical specialists, technical controllers, and accountants, all sharing their expertise to provide a positive experience to all of the skaters who \ competed at this year's event.

Special thanks and gratitude go to all the officials and Judges who participated in this years Southern CT Open.

We are fortunate to have volunteers who return each year and provide their talents in countless ways. Our younger volunteers, ages 6 and up, have the opportunity to develop lifelong skills and leadership ability. You have undoubtedly encountered a number bof our helpers organizing and re-organizing - club sales table, posting results, and performing other tasks with great enthusiasm.

Two months ago the world watched the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the figure skating events with special interest. Throughout our 34 years, several Olympic skates competed right here on this ice! I wish all of you the best of luck as you pursue your skating dreams.

Happy Skating !
           Kari Ryan, President
           Skating Club of Southern Connecticut


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